Best Airlines to fly to Japan

Best Airlines to Fly to Japan

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    Whenever people think of Japan, they probably think of shrines, castles, high-speed trains, snowboarding, and food stalls, to name a few. Japan’s capital, Tokyo, is the gateway to a handful of towns, such as Nagasaki, Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima.

    No matter where you live in the United States, you’ll have no trouble finding airlines to Tokyo with such a variety of airline options. From the US east coast, the flights to Japan are 14 hours long, while from the west coast, you’d be sitting in the plane for 10 hours. That’s quite a lot of time.

    Well, flying to Japan is nothing less than a fairy tale, but it can be turned into an utter nightmare if you don’t choose the right airline. 

    But worry not; we’ve got you covered with our list of the 10 best airlines that will make your journey to the rising sun land memorable and full of comfort. So, buckle up your seatbelts and be ready to fly high!

    10 Best Airlines To Fly To Japan From US

    Flying to Japan from the USA relies heavily on the airline being taken. There are two main types of airlines flying to Japan from the USA. International airlines and domestic airlines. International flights to Japan are available from almost every major airport.

    Airlines For Japan

    1. International Airlines for Japan

    International flights to Japan are available from almost every major airline and airport. The best airlines to fly to Japan from the USA are Japanese Airlines and All Nippon Airways. 

    1. ANA Airlines To Japan

    The greatest international business-class airline that flies to Japan is All Nippon Airways (ANA). The seats are comfortable, and the service is simply perfect.
    You can find an ANA direct flight to Japan from every major US city, including Chicago, Seattle, New York, Houston, and more.

    2.  Japan Airlines

    JAL Domestic and JAL International, along with Japan Transocean Air, Ryukyu Air Commuter, and other minor carriers, make up Japan Airlines.

    In Japan, the JAL Group serves approximately 50 terminals and more than 100 local routes. Drinks are provided for free, and there is a reasonable luggage capacity.

    3. Skymark Airlines

    One of the cheapest airlines to fly to Japan, Skymark does have one of the largest direct flight routes. It flies to places all around the country from its two main hubs in Tokyo-Haneda and Kobe.

    The airline keeps a certain standard of service at the airport and has rather liberal baggage policies, but its onboard services are severely limited.

    4. Jetstar Japan

    One of the cheapest airlines to fly to Japan is Jetstar Japan. It has a large number of domestic and international routes. Jetstar has stringent baggage regulations and minimal amenities, albeit they do offer purchased refreshments onboard.

    The airline operates from Tokyo’s Narita Airport, Osaka’s Kansai Airport, and Nagoya’s Central Airport.

    5. Etihad Airways

    The seating arrangement is 1-2-1. The aisles are accessible to everyone. Nobody sits immediately in front of you and behind you because the seating is designed that way. There is a significant degree of privacy.

    International Airlines to Japan

    The seats are supportive and comfy and include massaging features. Due to its comfort and welcoming staff, it is the best international flight to move to Japan from the US.

    6. Peach Aviation

    Peach Aviation launched in 2012 as Japan’s first true low-cost airline, providing airfares never seen before in the nation. From its hubs in Osaka, Tokyo, and Okinawa, the company provides cheap flights.

    The seating isles are narrow, and it’s a hot deal if you’re on a budget. Overall it is certified as a 4-star low-cost airline for international travel. 

    7. Hawaiian Airlines

    If you’re flying to Tokyo from Hawaii, then you can cut your distance to 8 hours. It is the only shortest route from the Pacific region.

    The seating is comfortable, and the food quality is absolutely delicious. The cherry on top is that it is the only airline that flies direct to the Kansai area from the United States. 

    8. Delta Airlines

    Delta is the most preferred flight to Japan from NYC and the east coast. Not only it has many direct routes from major American cities, but also it is the best airline to fly internationally.

    You’re greeted with warmth, and a royal treat is given in both business and economy class. Delta is served by Haneda airport, which is just 2 miles away from Tokyo city center.

    9. Fuji Dream Airlines

    Fuji Dream Airlines is based in Shizuoka Airport and Nagoya Airfield, Japan, and was launched in 2009. Fuji Dream Airlines is among the cheapest airlines to fly to Japan. 

    Even though it is a domestic airline, the quality standards are equal to any high-end business flight. 

    10. United Airlines

    United Airlines is probably the only one that has direct flight routes to the smaller Japanese cities, including Sendai, Sapporo, and Fukuoka. During the flight, you won’t feel bored or anxious as a personal TV entertainment facility is available for passengers. 

    The cherry on top is its flights are scheduled in the evenings and afternoons. So passengers don’t have to deal with jet lag due to the time difference.

    Facilities in International Airlines for Japan

    Seat in Business Class

    Many international ANA planes have 1-2-1 lie-flat beds, while most JAL travelers fly in the renowned APEX Suites seats, that is in a 2-2-2 or 2-3-2 layout and yet remain surprisingly exclusive.


    However, ANA just unveiled “The Suites,” a business class luxury that several passengers have dubbed “groundbreaking.”

    Meals and Drinks in Business Or first class

    When it comes to business class meals, JAL has a minor advantage over ANA because no other airline offers bright, green tomatoes to their salad of lush greens and succulent processed meat.

    The meal at ANA, on the other hand, is excellent. Both airlines provide a full bar with Japanese spirits to business class travelers.

    Hospitality and Services

    You’ll find professional and personalized services in the business class compartments of both Japan’s main airlines, with smiling flight attendants attending to your every need.


    JAL and ANA both have all-Boeing long-haul fleets for the time being, though JAL will be receiving international-configured A350-1000 airplanes in the foreseeable future.

    Business Class to Japan on Chinese Airlines

    China Airlines, based in Taiwan, has established a reputation as a top-tier international airline serving Japan.

    China Airlines provides trips to five North American urban centers, such as Honolulu, LAX, New York, San Francisco, and Vancouver, as one of the largest airlines flying that route.

    China Airlines uses the same outstanding Collins Aerospace Super Diamond business-class seat across the board. They provide excellent standards of customer service in the same way that their Japanese counterparts do.

    In business class, China Airlines’ 777-300ER includes fully flat beds in a 2-2-2 arrangement. 

    They’re somewhat superior to regular forward-facing convertible seats as they’re all somewhat slanted outward from the walkway, giving them some more privacy. 

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    2. Domestic Airlines in Japan

    The JAL Group and the ANA Group, each of which has numerous airlines that serve roughly fifty airports around Japan, dominate domestic airline travel.

    Domestic Airlines in Japan

    In addition, on the nation’s most prominent routes, a lot of the smaller commercial airlines compete with JAL and ANA.

    The four major domestic airlines in Japan are listed below. 

    1. All Nippon Airways Review

    No doubt, ANA is one of the best domestic airlines in Japan. With over 50 flight operations in every major city, it is preferred due to its onboard facilities and comfort.

    2. Japan Airlines Review

    Jal has the World’s best economy class seat. It offers wider legroom and refined cuisine. Its flight entertainment and amenities make it the #1 airline to fly to Japan.

    3. Skymark Airlines Review

    It is a low-cost Japanese domestic airline. Their new A330 has made quite a buzz among travelers. Even in the sky mark economy class, you get wide legroom and excellent service.

    4. Jetstar Japan Review

    Since Jetstar began its operation in 2014, till now, it has been considered the cheapest domestic airline. The service is average, and also the airline is notorious for delayed flights.

    Non-Japanese Business Class to Japan

    Non Japanese Business Class to Japan
    Non-Japanese Business Class to Japan

    1. Vanilla Air Review

    Vanilla Air flies to a few destinations from Narita Airport in Tokyo. Vanilla Air will be absorbed by Peach Aviation in 2019, with the very last operations scheduled to take place in October of that year. 

    2. Spring Airlines Japan Review

    Spring Airlines Japan flies to Hiroshima, Sapporo, and Saga, as well as cities in China, from Tokyo’s Narita Airport.

    3. AirAsia Japan Review

    Air Asia re-launched AirAsia Japan in 2017, although it was forced to close down once more on October 8th owing to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    4. Etihad Airways Review

    Listed among the top 10 international airlines, Etihad won the best cabin crew and best first-class service awards in 2022. Due to its smart seats and adjustable back support, it is mainly preferred by ex-pats traveling to Japan.

    5. Peach Aviation Review

    Peach aviation is a low-cost international airline. The standard seats are above-average, but the service in first and business class is extraordinary. Lately, the airline has been bashed due to the cabin crew’s poor behavior.

    6. Fuji Dream Airlines Review

    If you’re looking for value for money, then fuji dream airlines is the best pick for you. From staff to onboard services, everything is just perfect. The extra legroom is the cherry on top!

    Distance From Japan To USA

    Both countries are tremendously far from each other. The shortest distance between Japan and the US is 6,041 miles by air. Overall, the distance between Japan and Hawaii is considered the shortest, which is 4108 miles.

    Japan to USA

    Since there are several airlines that fly directly to Japan. That’s why we have answered some of the most searched queries for your ease in the table given below:

    Distance To JapanTotal Distance Flight TimeAverage Cost
    Hawaii4108 miles8 – 9  Hours$700 – $1500
    California5355 miles11 Hours$900 – $2200
    New York6739 miles14 Hours$1500 – $3500
    Chicago6309 miles13 Hours$1100 – $2900
    Seattle4812 miles11 Hours$700 – $1000
    Los Angeles5475 miles12 Hours$1100 – $3500
    Florida7317 miles14 Hours$700 – $1200
    Washington DC6776 miles13 Hours$1500 – $2800
    Texas6406 miles13 Hours$1600 – $2600
    LAX5517 miles11 Hours$1075 – $2100

    Apart from Hawaii, most flights usually take 12 to 13 hours for a direct flight to Japan from the USA. 

    Generally, the connected flights are cheap compared to the direct flights to Tokyo. The average cost may vary dispensing on your personal seating preference, i.e. economy or business class.

    Why is Japan the best place to visit?

    Apart from the old civilization and stunning city designs, there are many reasons that make it the perfect place to visit. Even though the cost of living in Japan vs US is a bit higher, the house and accommodation prices are very low.

    Whether you’re planning to move there or want to have a quick tour, you’ll be surprised by the low crime ratio in Japan.

    How to Find Best Japan Flights Deals?

    However, if you’re planning a trip to Japan, one of the very first things you’ll undoubtedly inquire about is, “What are the best airlines to choose to fly on to japan??” It depends on the locations in Japan that you choose to tour.

    The best airlines to fly to Japan from the US are determined by the desired destination.

    Flight Deals in Japan
    Japan Flights Deals

    With all that in heart, if you’re flying from anywhere in the world to Japan on a brief journey, there are three metropolitan areas to be aware of: Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. Tokyo and Osaka, in particular, have significant international airports where you might be able to access the finest airline discounts. Kyoto’s nearest airport is in Osaka. 

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    How Much Time Should I Spend in Japan?

    Several first-time visitors to Japan choose Tokyo as a stopover and stay for only a few days, it is one of the best places to live in Japan as a visitor you can comfortably enjoy it alone, and with family as well. While this is in good taste, it does not reflect well on the nation.

    Every week in Japan will enable visitors to visit at most three towns and then go on a day tour, but you really should try to spend as much time as possible there.

    First Class to Japan—Is it Worth It?

    If you only consider the monetary value of the first class, the answer is almost certainly no. The cost of a first-class ticket is significantly more than the cost of a lower-class ticket. The true worth of first-class travel is measured by how much you regard the facilities and services it provides.

    Flying first class allows you to cruise in luxury, be even more creative in your journey, and be pampered by air hostesses while being less distressed altogether. Thus first-class airlines are the best airline to take to Japan. 

    It is not for everybody to fly first class. Do not waste your cash on first-class if you only would like to get to your desired location and therefore are unconcerned with the additional amenities.

    First-class, on the other hand, is well worth the additional charge if you prioritize comfort, efficiency, reliability, and personal safety when traveling. 

    Should You Fly US Airlines to Japan?

    Traveling to Japan on a US airline is not advised because the flights are often expensive and the facilities are inferior to their Asian equivalents.

    US Airlines to Japan
    US Airlines to Japan

    Among the best airlines to fly to Japan from the USA, Asian airlines probably operate the best flights to Japan and are among the best airlines to fly to Tokyo. 

    Best Fact about Japan Flights

    If you’re looking for some interesting facts about Japan flights, look no further.

    • Japan Airlines was the first Japanese airline to reopen after WWII, and it became the country’s official operator only 2 years after, in 1953.
      Japan Airlines began operations in 1925 and amalgamated with Nihon Koku Kabushiki Kaisha four years later, in 1929.
    • The Japanese Airline launched its first international trip from Tokyo to San Francisco aboard a DC-6 on February 2nd, 1954. Before continuing to California, the jet would stop for fuel twice, once on Wake Island and again in Honolulu.
    • The DC-8 was the first jet delivered to a Japanese airline in 1960. The plane would take over the Pacific route connecting Tokyo to San Francisco, replacing the DC-6.
    • On March 7, 1980, the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 became the first large plane to touchdown at Beijing Airport.
    • In 1970, Asia’s first “King of the Clouds” was delivered to a Gigantic buyer. JAL was also one of Boeing’s most important and devoted 747 customers.
    • Tokyo International Airport, Japan Airlines’ primary terminal, is the globe’s fifth-largest and Asia’s third-biggest. 
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    Best Time For Booking

    The best months to book a flight to Japan on one of the best airlines in Japan are September, October, and November, according to flight statistics collated from several agencies.

    Because flights to Japan are always cheap at this time of year, it’s a good idea to book then. 

    Cheapest Time to Fly to Japan

    According to booking and airline statistics, the cheapest times to fly to Japan on one of the best airlines in Japan are in November, August, and April.

    Time to Fly to Japan

    In addition, the cost of travel is influenced by several factors such as the region to which you are flying (flying to Tokyo is much more costly than flying to other provinces irrespective of time), the type of aircraft (domestic or business class), lodging and accommodation, means of transportation, as well as the meals you would like to consume. 

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    Best Airlines to Fly to Japan FAQs

    Which airlines fly to Japan from the USA?

    The most frequent flights from the United States to Japan are operated by Japan Airlines, All Nippon Airways, and United Airlines. 
    Among the best airlines that fly to Japan from the USA are Hawaiian Airlines, Korean Air, American Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Delta airline, and many more.

    How can I get a cheap flight to Japan? 

    Airlines occasionally post-flight offers on their web pages. If you want to go to Japan, you might want to look into some of the airlines listed above.

    What is the cheapest month to go to Japan?

    February is the cheapest month to travel to Japan. Apart from it, April and November are also suitable for expats flying on a budget.

    How much does it cost to go to Japan on a plane?

    The median cost of a trip to Japan (from any location) on one of the best airlines in Japan varies from $948 to $1,696 per passenger for economy trips and $2,977 to $5,325 for first-class travel. 

    Whereas a nonstop flight from the United States to Tokyo costs around $800. If you obtain a flight discount or are ready to stop over, you can still save $100-300 on your flight.

    How long is the flight from Hawaii to japan?

    A non-stop flight from Hawaii to Japan is usually 8 hours long. It is the shortest direct flight from the States to Tokyo.

    How long is a flight from California to japan?

    A direct flight from California to Japan is 12 hours long. Normally, one-stop flights are the most popular and are 15 hours long.

    Why are flights to japan so expensive?

    Due to the long distance and huge demand, flights to Japan from the US are competitively expensive. Tokyo is fully open for visitors now, and people are flocking here, which triggers the price.

    What airlines fly direct to japan?

    All Nippon Airways (ANA), Japan Airlines (JAL), Delta, and Hawaiian Airlines are the best direct airlines for flying to Japan.

    Do American airlines fly to japan?

    Yes, the American airline has a joint service program with the JAL’s airlines. Apart from it, Delta and Hawaiian airlines run direct flight operations from major US cities.


    While flying to Japan, you’ll be sitting in a plane for over 12 hours. That’s why it is very important to book your flight with the best airline. Direct flights from the major cities are more comfortable compared to the connected ones.

    We hope that this article helps you to make your trip amazing and delightful. Well, in the meantime, sit tight and be ready to fly high!

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