Best beaches in Rhode Island

best beaches in rhode island

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    Hey, are you a beach person? Are you planning for a perfect summer escape?

    If yes, public beaches in Rhode Island are a perfect choice for all your future travels. Don your beach hat on and get set to soak in sunshine and chill in oceanic beaches’ warm, crystal clear waters.

    best beaches in rhode island
    Castle Hill Lighthouse in Rhode Island

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    Rhode Island is a small state situated in the England region of the North-eastern United States. The island shares its boundaries with Connecticut on the western side, Massachusetts on the eastern and northern side, and the Atlantic Ocean on the southern side. It also shares a minuscule maritime boundary with New York.

    It has earned the name of the ‘Ocean State’ due to extensive coastal boundaries.

    Does Rhode Island have ocean beaches?

    Yes, and owing to a beautiful coastal boundary of more than 400 miles, there are many ocean beaches to be explored in this region. Each beach has a unique experience to offer coupled with different sets of amenities, activities, and natural treasures. All beach activities can be done with utmost leisure, fun, and ease.

    The state is a perfect blend of cultural and natural diversity. The ocean beaches have ample reserves for fishing, surfing, hiking, skateboarding, camping, or just sunbathing.

    Prime attractions of these oceanic beaches include extensive and pristine shorelines, freshly sourced local seafood and breweries, rustic villages, modern outlays, beach activities equipped with modern amenities.

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    Let’s then explore and experience the 10 best beaches in Rhode island in detail:

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    1) Goosewing Beach

    This beach is a perfect getaway for nature enthusiasts and wildlife explorers wanting to explore serenity and calmness away from the city’s hustle. Key Attractions include ‘Benjamin Environmental Centre’, ‘Goosewing Beach Reserve’, and grassy dunes. Nature walks are organized for tourists to explore the reserves.

    Goosewing Beach

    Ideal for nature lovers and wildlife explorers.

    Ranked#13 as the Best Public Beaches in Rhode Island as per reviews on TripAdvisor.

    Explore other fun things you can experience in Rhode Island in our fun things to do in Rhode Island for adults.

    Location – Near the shores of QuickSand pond in Little Compton Area.

    You’ll find accommodations within 10 miles from Goosewing Beach. So, you do not have to worry about this factor. Following are the best accommodation points as per customers’ reviews:

    1. Mill Street Inn
    2. Hampton Inn & Suites
    3. Sonesta Select

    Is Goosewing beach public?

    Yes. The Nature Conservancy manages most of this 75-acre conservation area, also known as ‘Goosewing Beach Reserve’, and beaches are made accessible and the public to tourists during the summer months via South Shore Beach with minimal entry fees.

    What time does Goosewing beach open?

    The beach is open from 5 am to 11 pm. However, timings can fluctuate as per the respective seasons and events.

    2) Misquamicut State Beach, Westerly

    This beach is located along the lines of the Atlantic Ocean and was earlier referred to as the ‘Pleasant View’. It is famous for its surfing and other entertainment activities like fireworks, concerts, etc. It is a popular family destination and attracts many tourists during the summer months.

    Misquamicut State Beach

    Prime locations and activity hubs are located along the eastern shore of the beach. Water Wizz is a popular water park for tourists to indulge in fun water activities. There are a lot of other beach parks like Atlantic Beach Park, Bayview Park, and Westerly Town beach.

    Ideal for family outings and entertainment activities.

    Location – Town of Westerly

    Accomodations in terms of distance from the beach are listed below.

    1. Point 1 Resort and Motel (0.6km from the beach)
    2. La Quinta by Syndham (8.9km)
    3. Taber Inn (13 km)

    So at your convenience, you can take accommodation in any one of them.

    Moreover, Misquamicut State Beach ranks 4th number as per top reviews on TripAdvisor.

    How much does it cost to go to Misquamicut Beach?

    On average, it costs $15 on weekdays and $25 on weekends to reach and avail services of this beach. Charges are slightly expensive, as prices have increased in recent times.

    Can you swim at Misquamicut Beach?

    Yes. Tourists can exercise swimming as well as surfing in the waters of Misquamicut. Lifeguards are available for emergency support during the peak summer months. Facilities like restrooms, changing racks, and surf gear shops are available throughout.

    3) East Beach

    This beach is located in the swanky surroundings of Watch Hill and attracts many tourists during the summer months. There are very few exceptional amenities like restrooms, restaurants, and parking areas in operation.

    East Beach

    Beautiful sunsets can be chased here, and the gorgeous views of tropical habitation are to die for.

    Ideal for sunsets and gorgeous views.

    Key attractions include Flying Horse Carousel and Watch Hill Lighthouse.

    Location – Watch Hill, Rhode Island

    Accommodations near to the beach are:

    1. Pleasant View Inn
    2. The Break Hotel
    3. Holiday inn Express Mystic

    In terms of ranking, you can spot this beach on the 15th number.

    Is East Beach in Watch Hill public?

    Yes. East Beach is open to the public. There are two beaches in the Watch Hill Area; one is accessible from the town and is chargeable, whereas the other is situated atop a hill and is free.

    How much is parking at Water Hill beach?

    There is a parking point named ‘Watch Hill Parking’ at 44 Bay Street where reservations have to be made 24 hrs in advance to avail of the parking services. No parking facility is available on the beach.

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    4) Narragansett Town Beach,Narragansett

    This beach is a popular surfing destination encompassing an area of 19 acres. It attracts a plethora of experienced surfers as the conditions for surfing are quite conducive here. Surfing gear is available for rental readily, and experienced professionals impart training to beginners full-time.

    Town Beach

    A good deal of basic amenities is available, attracting many tourists like popular food joints, changing bars, and restrooms.

    This beach is less commercial and remote than other beaches in Newport.

    Are you a person who enjoys surfing a lot? Narragansett Town Beach is ideal for surfing.

    Location – Washington County

    Prime accommodations within 10 miles from the beach are:

    1. The Break Hotel
    2. The Atlantic House
    3. The Shore House

    Ranked #1 in the category of public Beaches in Rhode Island.

    Is Narragansett Town beach free?

    Although it is a public beach, there are some fees that one has to pay. The admission fee is around $25 for adults and $15 for children.

    Can non-residents go to Narragansett beach?

    Seasonal passes are issued for residents as well as non-residents. So, the non-residents can also relax at the Narragansett beach.

    5) Easton’s Beach

    Popularly known as the ‘First Beach’. Easton’s Beach is located at Newport’s Cliff Walk and is known for offering entertaining activities for all age groups. It is a popular skateboard destination with play areas for children around the Beach. There are innumerable carousels across the Beach.

    Easton’s Beach

    ‘Save the Bay Exploration Centre and Aquarium’ is a prime attraction. Newport is considered to be the gem of Rhode Island.

    Location – NewPort, Rhode Island

    Accomodations within a radius of 10 miles are:

    1. Town and Tide Inn
    2. The Chanler at Cliff Walk.

    Ranked #24 on the list of best beaches in Rhode Island.

    How much is parking at East Beach NewPort?

    Seasonal parking charges range from $50 for residents to $100 for non-residents.

    Does Easton Beach have bathrooms?

    All the basic facilities like changing rooms, restrooms, picnic shades, good snack joints and parking areas are available. Easton Beach is considered to be the most popular and safest destination for tourists in Rhode Island.

    6) East Mutunuck Beach, South Kingstown

    This beach park encompasses an area of 144 acres and is a body-surfing and boarding hub. Lifeguard professionals are available for emergency support. Families visiting this beach are advised to exercise extra caution and attention.

    East Mutunuck Beach

    Visiting in the wee hours of the morning can serve to be an added advantage in availing the best of services during the peak summer months as it tends to get extremely crowded.

    Key attractions include Judith Harbor of Refuge, Port of Galilee, and Salty’s Burgers and Seafood.

    Above all, if you are on the hunt for the best beaches in Rhode Island for shells, you must include East Mutunuck Beach in your to-visit list.

    The best part is that it holds the 8th rank for must-see beaches in Rhode Island.

    Location – Hazard Island,South Kingstown

    Are you worried about accommodation near East Matunuck Beach? It is amongst the best things about this beach as it has several hotels and resorts that offer the best service.

    Which accommodations should I pick in Matunuck RI?

    Matunuck RI offers some of the best beach facing hotels and resorts.

    1. Quintessential Cottage in Matunuck
    2. Hotel Viking
    3. Wayfinder Hotel
    4. Brenton Hotel

    What are the travel peak seasons in Matunuck RI?

    The beach is open from May to September and is only available during the day. Passes are issued for both residents and non-residents.

    7) Napatree Point Beach

    This beach is the least crowded and has no basic amenities or facilities; it has unlimited access to natural habitation, ecosystem and wildlife. This beach is under the control of Watch Hill Conservancy.

    Napatree Point Beach

    Ideal for fishing and nature or wildlife enthusiasts.

    Key attractions include Napatree Point conservation Tract, Long Island and Watch Hill Lighthouse.

    Location – East of Watch Hill, Westerly

    Accommodations in the vicinity of 10 miles included

    1. Hilton Garden Inn
    2. Point One Resort And Motel
    3. The Whaler’s Inn

    Due to its key attractions, it grabs 7th ranking in terms of the best beaches.

    Can you swim at Napatree Point Beach?

    No. It is highly unrecommended. Swimming is not prohibited, but there are no lifeguards. Major risks are involved, so it is better to go at your risks.

    Can you fish in Napatree Point?

    Yes, this is the best place for fishing lovers. You can enjoy all types of fishing here.

    8) East Beach

    This beach is situated between the Atlantic Ocean shoreline and the Ninigret Pond.

    It is renowned for camping and kayaking activities. Not only this, another major attraction is fishing. Above all, lifeguards are available for emergency support. This beach is accessible via East Shore Road.

    East Beach

    This beach is the least developed of all the ‘Ocean State’ beaches and is known for its natural serenity and tranquillity. However, only a few basic facilities or amenities are available.

    Location – Charlestown, Rhode Island

    In terms of accommodations, there are more than 10 hotels near East Beach where you can stay and visit the beach as many times as you want. Our best picks are;

    • The Break Hotel
    • Bellissimo Grand Hotel

    How much is parking at East Beach RI?

    Parking and admission charges are $20 (Monday to Thursday) and $40 (Friday to Saturday).

    Can you sleep on East Beach?

    Yes, one can camp and sleep on the East beach since it is a popular camping site, but you need to pay extra charges for admission and parking. One can camp on the shores all day and night long.

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    9) Mohegan Bluffs

    This beach is situated about 200 m above sea level and is an explorer’s paradise. This point can only be reached by traversing through Mohegan Bluff and its trailing route.

    Mohegan Bluffs

    Have you ever wondered about sitting at the beach and experiencing the beautiful sunrise and sunset? You can make your dream true as it is popular as the sunset and sunrise point.

    Above all, it is widely known for adventurous trails and spectacular views from the top; this beach is a must-visit spot for all incoming tourists.

    The only downside is no basic facilities like restrooms, and parking lots are available. SouthEast Lighthouse is a key attraction.

    Placed in rank #3 under best beaches to visit in Rhode Island.

    Location – Shoreham, Block Island

    As a tourist, the first thing that concerns you is accommodation. Right? Mohegan Bluffs offers many nearby accommodations for your convenience; a few of them are The Atlantic House, The Inn at Spring House, and Hampton Inn Norwich.

    Can you walk to Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island?

    Yes, one can walk to Mohegan Bluffs. The view is mesmerizingly beautiful after a strenuous and adventurous climb. It takes an average of 30-40 minutes to hike around 150 steps.

    Can you swim at Mohegan Bluffs?

    Hold your horses! The answer is yes, you can swim as the tidal currents are not intense, and only soft curly waves are encountered.

    10) Sachuest Beach

    Sachuest Beach, also known as the ‘Second Beach’ site, attracts a bunch of tourists interested in beach activities and picnics. A whole range of facilities is available, like changing rooms, grills, parking lots, shower shades, and Port-a-Johns (portable restrooms).

    Sachuest Beach

    Tourists interested in surfing can take lessons from experienced professionals here.

    Seasonal passes are available from the month of April. Key attractions include Sachuest Point National Wildlife Range, Norman Bird Sanctuary, and Bird Conservation Centre.

    Location – Middletown, Rhode Island

    Nearby accommodations you’ll find are Ocean View, Sea Breeze Inn, Atlantic Beach Hotel Newport, etc.

    It ranks on the 5th spot holding the popular beach title.

    How long is ‘Second’ beach in Middletown RI?

    Second Beach, Rhode Island has around 1.25 miles of stretched, undeveloped, and natural white sand dunes. Due to this, this Beach is listed as one of the most popular hubs in Newport.

    Is there food at ‘Second beach’ NewPort RI?

    Yes, a wide variety of food is available in shacks and snack bars across the beach. Key famous places to eat are BeachComber Cafe, Pelican Grill, and Crystal Cove Shake Shack.

    Best Beaches in Rhode Island FAQS

    Are Rhode Island Beaches clean?

    Rhode Island has a coastline of 400 miles and is known for its clear waters, clean beaches, good restrooms and other facilities. The Beach Monitoring Program regularly tests the swimming waters’ quality during the peak season.

    Authorities make inadequate efforts to maintain the cleanliness of these beaches. Certain rules and regulations are in place as well, like;

    • Seasonal passes are issued to both residents and non-residents
    • Beaches are under the control of authorities managed by their respective towns or states.
    • Lifeguards are on duty for emergency support.

    Several beach clean-up drives are conducted regularly, with several volunteers participating in several organised events.

    Can you swim at RI beaches?

    Swimming is allowed on some beaches, whereas it is prohibited on others. It is better to check online before you set off and make plans.

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    Rhode Island is home to innumerable popular beaches and tourist destinations. There is a whole lot to explore in this small state of the US equipped with well-maintained and planned amenities. Rhode Island is for everyone, whether it be an adventurer, explorer, swimmer, surfer or nature lover. RI is a one-stop destination for all tourists.

    The Ocean State attracts over 10,000 visitors during peak summer months. Prime activities include camping, surfing, skateboarding, sunbathing, fishing, shelling, and kayaking. Research well before setting off to any of these beaches for a hassle-free experience. Book parking slots and apply for seasonal passes for admission in advance. There are a lot of accommodations and options available for comfortable stays.

    So, pack your bags and head to Rhode Island to soak in the sunshine, experience crisp and clear beach waters and take on surfing and skateboarding to a different next level.

    Experience RI, Experience fun!!!

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