Beaches in Mississippi

Beaches in Mississippi

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    Did you just say Mississippi? Mississippi is known for its Hospitality and the most famous state in the United States. However, can you imagine how beautiful the state is with its shoreline? That’s pretty hard to guess! Isn’t that? 

    Beaches in Mississippi

    And that’s what you are here for! Although the state comes with a short coastline, the family-friendly beaches in Mississippi are mesmerizing and become even more beautiful due to sunset sceneries. We will discuss them all here! So let’s get going.   

    Does Mississippi have a beach? 

    There is no doubt that Mississippi offers a lot of beaches for locals and tourists without any restrictions. Believe us, you can easily spend a day on any beach experiencing many water activities like swimming, surfing, sunbathing, etc. 

    Therefore, once you visit the beaches in Mississippi, you will never want to go back home or any other water destination. You can make a memorable yet pleasant holiday trip with your family here. 

    Are there any nice beaches in Mississippi? 

    As mentioned earlier, Mississippi comes with a remote coastline but offers many beaches. Therefore, you should not miss relishing these stunning beaches if you want to experience real Mississippi. So, once you see these beaches, you will love “relocating Mississippi” to nearby areas as no one can say “No” to these beaches. 

    Now is the time to unleash the top 10 best beaches in Mississippi in this article. So, without any further delay, let’s start from the below. 

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    10 Best Beaches in Mississippi

    Beaches are everywhere! But, the beaches in Mississippi possessed different places in one’s heart. Therefore, beaches in Mississippi with clear water are famous among all beach fanatics. Let’s learn more about them and see why they are so renowned in Mississippi. 

    1. Biloxi Beach 

    Age does not matter if you are exploring Biloxi Beach in Mississippi. You can enjoy your whole day here by trying several activities on the beach. 

    If you are looking for the best family-friendly beaches in Mississippi, you should go with Biloxi Beach. The beach offers the best shallow water for children of all ages, having less crowd. 

    Biloxi Beach

    It is famous for its artificial white sand beach. Also, you can rent a beach buggy here. 

    Biloxi Beach is located at 1027-1031 Beach Blvd, Biloxi, Mississippi 39530. 

    Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi, Centennial Plaza, and DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Biloxi are famous hotels near the beach. 

    You will see many seagulls on the beach, so be careful and selective while taking any food items. 

    Can you swim in Biloxi Beach? 

    The Gulf of Mexico’s barrier islands makes the Biloxi beach calm and the best for swimming. The summer timings are best to visit this beach. 

    Why is Biloxi Beach so dirty?

    The fecal bacteria is making Biloxi Beach slowly dirty. Therefore, avoid going into the area which seems dirty. 

    2. Gulfport Beach 

    Gulfport has the historic shipping gateway to the Gulf of Mexico. The gorgeous scenic views and soft white sand will make you fall in love with its lovely atmosphere. 

    It is known as the most famous and safest beach in Mississippi. It is one of the best-uncrowded beaches in Mississippi, offering soft white sandy shores and many activities. 

    Gulfport Beach

    Gulfport Beach is most famous for many adventurous activities like recreational activities, boating, paragliding, etc. 

    Gulfport beach is located at 28W Beach Blvd, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501

    Holiday Inn Express Gulfport Beach, Legacy Towers, Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Courtyard by Marriott Gulfport Beachfront, etc., are the most famous hotels near this beach. 

    If you are looking for the top-toddler beaches, you should not miss this stunning Gulfport beach. 

    Are the beaches nice in Gulfport MS? 

    You will see the finest beach in Gulfport, Mississippi, because of the beautiful, clean fishing pier. Mainly swimming and jet skiing activities are famous there. 

    Does Gulfport MS have white sand beaches? 

    Do you prefer sunbathing or relaxing on the beaches? If you are nodding yes, Gulfport is the best choice for you, with 41km of soft white sand beaches to soak up in the sun. 

    3. Ship Island

    The Ship Island comprises two Barrier Islands, East Ship and West Ship Island. They were accepted in 1969 when Hurricane Camille cut them into two. 

    It offers a massive boat excursion, island bars, and nature trails. You can make the sandcastle from the white sand available there. 

    Ship Island

    The water of the Island is filled with dolphins, and you can enjoy the unexpected ferry rides on these waters. 

    Ship Island is located at 1022 23rd Avenue, Gulfport, Mississippi 39501.

    Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Harrah’s Gulf Coast, Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort, and more hotels are available.

    There are fewer chances to see the wildlife on the island, and it has come with alligators and bird nests to look at. 

    Can you stay on Ship Island MS? 

    Ship Island in the west is only open for the people from late March to the end of October. You will meet with the lifeguards in the summer months. However, overnight stay, camping, and other options are not allowed here.  

    Why is Ship Island closed? 

    Due to a natural disaster in 2020, the Ship Island is closed for its amenities like restrooms, snack bar, Fort Massachusetts, boardwalk, pavilions, etc. But, the good news is it is open now! So you can visit there. 

    Is Ship Island open to the public? 

    As we mentioned, the Ship Island has repaired the damages, and you can visit on any day between March to October. So, get your bags packed, and make your trip to Ship Island memorable. 

    4. Bay St Louis Beach 

    It offers the same attractional beauty as Biloxi. Therefore, you can click some memories with your cameras to return home. 

    If you are looking for better picnic spots, fewer crowds, and peaceful beaches, you can choose Bay St. Louis Beach. It also comes with many houses, restaurants, and antique shops nearby. 

    Bay St Louis

    It is a famous beach for authentic shops and waters with glittering sunshine. The beautiful shores of Bay St. Louis Beach attract you to take a peaceful walk by the sides of the coasts. 

    Bay St Louis Beach is located at 916 S Beach Blvd, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520. 

    Pearl Hotel, Hotel Pass Christian, and The Inn at Long Beach are famous hotels near the beach. 

    You can get the parking slots quickly on this beach area, making it more comfortable to visit here. 

    Is Bay St. Louis Beach safe to swim? 

    People can swim in the Bay St. Louis Beach, but remember, you will have to swim in the murky water. The water of Bay St. Louis Beach is not that clear. 

    Is Bay St. Louis salt water? 

    You will encounter an average saltiness of less than 20% on this beach. So, you can call Bay St. Louis saltwater. 

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    5. East Beach

    It is known as the hidden gem of the surrounding area. Also, it is a perfect choice if you want to relax and spend a day in a peaceful environment. 

    “Best beaches Mississippi, Alabama” includes East Beach, which is child friendly. It may look short, but you can enjoy kayaking in its clear water. 

    East Beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is famous for its pleasurable things to do with your kids. So, one thing for sure, kids will not get bored here.

    East Beach

    East Beach is located at East Beach Dr, Ocean Springs, Mississippi 39564

    Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Margaritaville Resort Biloxi, and many other hotels are available at the best prices. 

    If you don’t want to cook and bring food with you on vacation on the beach, you can rely on East Beach. It comes with delicious food and restaurants that you can try. 

    But before making your move to Alabama, know about its weather conditions. For this, you’d love our article on “does it snow in Alabama“.

    Where is East Beach in Mississippi? 

    The East Beach in Mississippi is located on the East Beach Dr, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 39564.

    How long is East Beach Ocean Springs? 

    Davis Bayou and Bay of Biloxi’s shoreface is East Beach at Ocean Springs in Mississippi. The straight distance of East Beach is 1.3 miles from southeasterly to Stark Bayou to Weeks Bayou northwest.

    6. Pass Christian Beach

    This place is terrific for its yachting, but you can visit here for other activities despite yachting. 

    Beaches in Mississippi with clear water also include the Pass Christian Beach. This is a perfect combination for sand activities, bonfires, sandcastle making, or volleyball. 

    Pass Christian

    The Pass Christian Beach is famous as the South Birthplace of Yachting and offers you fresh, calm waters and soft white sand. 

    Henderson Beach is located at Henderson Avenue & Highway 90, Pass Christian, MS 39571.

    Centennial Plaza, Hotel Pass Christian, The Inn at Long Beach, etc., are famous hotels for staying and having delightful food. 

    It is better to stay longer and see the exotic sunset on the best family beaches in Mississippi, Pass Christian Beach. 

    Is the water clear in Pass Christian MS? 

    Pass Christian Beach in Mississippi is one of the best beaches in Mississippi with clear water. You can see your feet clearly if you enter the water.

    7. Horn Island

    Horn Island is worth visiting. Therefore, you won’t be disappointed if you come here with families, cousins, or your favorite squad of friends. 

    If you are looking for an off-the-grid experience and wildlife experience, you can come and enjoy it here. You can travel here by renting or booking a boat. 

    Horn Island

    Horn Island is famous for its calm and peaceful environment with beautiful scenery and sunset. 

    The address is Horn Island, Mississippi, 39567.

    Palace Casino Resort, Sheraton Flowood The Refuge Hotel & Conference Center, Chancellor’s House Hotel, Scarlet Pearl Casino Resort, etc., are the famous staying options here.  

    You can take the overnight experience on this island, but only by boat is the option to travel. 

    Can you go to Horn Island Mississippi? 

    Horn Island is the best option for the people searching for peace. Therefore, you can access Horn Island, Mississippi, through a private boat. 

    Are there alligators on Horn Island? 

    Mississippians prefer this underdeveloped Horn Island for beach goings, boaters, and wildlife experiences. It is known as the home of wildlife animals, including alligators and herons. 

    Can you stay on Horn Island? 

    The population of Horn Island is around 650 people nowadays. Therefore, there are chances of staying on Horn Island. 

    8. Front Beach 

    You can get the panoramic views and incredible Mississippi sound experience here. Also, it is a very famous beach for photography.

    One more of the “best beaches in Mississippi Alabama,” includes Front Beach. The beach is the best choice for the family gateway on weekends in Mississippi. 

    Front Beach

    The beach is famous for its water activities and sunbathing experiences with panoramic views and whatnot. 

    The address is Front Beach Dr, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, 39564.

    Beau Rivage Resort & Casino, Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, etc., are the most famous hotels near this beach. 

    The beach water is entirely calm, and you can see the fishing piers, volleyball nets, and bonfire spots here. 

    Is Front Beach good for kids? 

    Front beach is a very calm and playful area with the amenities of volleyball and others. Therefore, it is a family-friendly and kid-friendly beach in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. 

    How is Front Beach Rated? 

    The Front Beach is one of the best beaches located at Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and has an average of 4-star ratings on Google by different travelers. 

    9. Harrison County Sand Beach

    Harrison is world-famous for its calm and peaceful atmosphere. Also, you can spend a day with its beauty and other activities offered by the beach. 

    This beach’s silent flowing water sound relaxes the mind; a great camping place and fine quality sand. Along with that, you can see the mesmerizing scenic view from this beach in the evenings. 

    Harrison County Sand

    It is famous for its exceptional breathtaking scenery, not available anywhere else. 

    Harrison County Sand Beach is located at 842 Commerce St, Gulfport, Mississippi, 39507.

    Hampton Inn & Suites Gulfport I-10, Oasis Resort, Best Western Seaway Inn, etc., are the best and most famous hotels. 

    Further, it provides handicap-friendly amenities for locals and tourists to make their experience effortless.

    How is Harrison County Sand Beach Rated? 

    There are five-star ratings for the Harrison County Sand Beach area on Google. As per reviews, it is best for a bonfire experience. 

    Is Harrison County Sand Beach good for kids? 

    The Harrison County Sand Beach is beautiful and thoroughly good for kids of all ages. Therefore, you can enjoy this beach with your kids. 

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    10. Ross Barnett Reservoir

    Last but not least, on our list of beaches in Mississippi. It is also a fantastic beach to visit, and you can have your relaxing time on this exceptionally well beach. 

    If you have a happy family, including teenagers and kids who love fishing, you should not miss visiting here. The seafood restaurants and high numbers of fish on water adorn the beauty of this place. 

    Ross Barnett Reservoir

    It is famous for its clean water and helps to create many memories with your families and kids. 

    Ross Barnett Reservoir is located at 115 Madison Landing Circle, Ridgeland, Mississippi 39047.

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Ridgeland, Holiday Inn Expenses & Suites Canton, an IHG Hotel, etc., are great options to stay near this beach. 

    It comes with some recreational parks, scenic trails, and ornate trees and plants, making it more beautiful to visit. 

    Are there alligators in the Ross Barnett Reservoir? 

    Mississippi has an alligator season of alligator, and it is not hard to catch up a gator for a hunter in Ross Barnett Reservoir. 

    How deep is the Ross Barnett Reservoir in Jackson Mississippi?

    The average depth of the Ross Barnett Reservoir is 11 feet, which contains 2 feet of water clarity. 

    Can you swim in the Ross R Barnett Reservoir?

    Ross Barnett Reservoir has a place called Lakeshore, famous for swimming, relaxing, and picnicking with picture-clicking views. 

    So, after learning about the beaches and surroundings, what do you feel for Mississippi? “Is Mississippi a nice state to live?” Well, that’s a different topic to discuss. Also, you should not miss the laurel while discussing the Mississippi. You can meet with many “things to do in Laurel Mississippi.”

    Beaches in Mississippi FAQ’s

    Are there any clear water beaches in Mississippi? 

    Pass Christian Beach & East Beach are famous beaches for clear water. Along with that, both coasts provide different activities to play.

    What is the prettiest beach in Mississippi? 

    Almost all beaches in Mississippi are the prettiest ones. But as per reviews, Gulfport Beach, Ship Island, East Beach, and Biloxi Beach top the list.


    Mississippis is famous for southern charm and bluegrass music. However, speaking about Mississippi will give the impression of the long, peaceful, white sand beaches. Isn’t it? 

    The short coastline of Mississippi offers the best beaches globally, and Beachgoers can explore them without any problems and in their comfort. Therefore, to give you the perfect suggestions, we have included the best ten beaches in this article. 

    Out of which our personal favorites are – Biloxi Beach, Gulfport Beach, Ship Island, Bay St Louis Beach, Horn Island, and Front Beach. 

    However, you are free to choose your favorite one as per your personal experience. 

    Most importantly, you can visit some of the mentioned beaches along with your kids – perfect for family people. So, we hope you love this article and go soon to explore these exotic beaches’ beauty. 

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