Abandoned Places in Vermont

Abandoned Places in Vermont

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    After moving to Vermont you will definitely come across many places that are long-time haunted, restricted, and abandoned, but still, draw visitor’s attraction. From old buildings to historic mansions and industries to luxury hotels, there are many abandoned places in Vermont that create curiosity among Vermonters to explore at least once in their lifetime. These places have become quintessential due to their sudden demise.

    Abandoned Places in Vermont
    Abandoned Places in Vermont

    The abandoned barns in Vermont are easy to find and explore. Some of them are enticingly inviting and some are so creepy that once you see them, you will never ever look back to visit them again. They stand still, silent and alive around these places. Beyond the dirty, broken walls and windows, beneath the caving roofs, holding long remembered memories in them.

    Can you visit abandoned places in Vermont?

    Visiting restricted places in Vermont is unlawful. However, you can see these places from a distance but you can’t access them out of danger, and their condition. Some places can be visited during day time but are scary to explore at night times.

    What is a general rule when visiting an abandoned location?

    Before exploring abandoned places in Vermont you should follow these general rules to remain safe and come out of that place without facing any danger.

    • Ask for permission before entering an uninhibited place.
    • Beware of the dangers.
    • Pack protection stuff.
    • Don’t go solo.
    • Don’t steal things from abandoned places.
    • Come out of that place as soon as possible after visiting.
    • Don’t trespass. It’s illegal.

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    Top 5 Abandoned Places in Vermont You Can Never Forget

    So, are you excited to explore something creepy, exciting, or frightful?

    As you travel through the Vermont Green Mountains, you’ll find many abandoned barns in Vermont or, like the homes where generations of Vermont families have lived and died, factories, hotels, and even military posts.

    There are also many abandoned farms in Vermont, and all of them are worth exploring.

    In this blog post, we have covered the top 5 abandoned spots in Vermont that are justifiable to seek out. But before that, we will advise you to do deep research on these spots before visiting them and be safe.

    1. Hyde Manor – Abandoned Mansion in Vermont

    The Hyde’s Hotel or Hyde Manor was a popular place to stay in the summer in Sudbury, Vermont. The first building for hotel of 100 acres was built in 1865. It was a popular place to stay for travelers traveling by stage between Albany, New York, and Montreal during the 19th century.

    Hyde Manor - Abandoned Mansion in Vermont
    Hyde Manor – Abandoned Mansion in Vermont

    Hyde Manor had a bar, a dance hall, a bowling alley, a top-notch golf course, and more. The hotel was sold in 1962, and it was closed down for good in 1973. Since Hyde’s Hotel has been left empty, nature is slowly taking it back. It’s hard to believe that people in Vermont just let this hotel get in bad shape.

    Address: VT-30, Sudbury, VT 05733

    2. Brattleboro Retreat – Abandoned Hospital in Vermont

    The Brattleboro Retreat has been around in Vermont since 1834. It is a non-profit center for mental health and addiction. During the initial days, the medical staff hoped that the patients would feel better after getting some treatments, exercises, and being outside.

    Brattleboro Retreat - Abandoned Hospital in Vermont
    Brattleboro Retreat – Abandoned Hospital in Vermont

    But later observed patients killing themselves all at once by jumping off the tower. Many inmates said that strange things have happened there, especially around the tower and in the cemetery.

    There are now a lot of empty acres where the retreat used to be. The public can walk, hike, and cross-country ski on the property of the hospital. It is a must-see attraction on the grounds.

    Address: 1 Anna Marsh Ln, Brattleboro, VT 05302

    How long can you stay at Brattleboro Retreat?

    As a visitor, you can stay for 4-5 hours at Brattleboro Retreat. Visiting hours start from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM seven days a week. However, a general impatient can stay for 5 to 15 days at the Retreat. Serious abnormal patients stay in the Retreat for more than 365 days till their recovery.

    How many employees does Brattleboro Retreat have?

    Brattleboro Retreat has more than 500 employees working over there.

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    3. Huntington Gorge – Abandoned Place in Vermont

    Huntington Gorge in the Richmond area, Vermont is famous for its waterfall and swimming holes. So far 26 people have died here due to terrible happenings. Still, this place draws thousands of thrill-seekers every year, mainly during the summer to cool off.

    Huntington Gorge - Abandoned Place in Vermont
    Huntington Gorge – Abandoned Place in Vermont

    The higher altitudes of Huntington Gorge are the most dangerous spot. It looks like the constant undercurrent is very strong. With just one wrong step, you could be swept away and have nothing to hold on to save yourself.

    Address: Dugway Rd, Richmond, VT 05477

    4. Belvidere Mountain – Abandoned mountain in Vermont

    The Belvidere Mountain Asbestos Mine in Lowell, Vermont, is an empty place that has a lot of history. In 1823, asbestos was first found near Eden / Lowell, Vermont. This encouraged miners to move there and start work. In 1902, the Belvidere Mountain Mine suddenly became the biggest producer of chrysotile asbestos in the country.

    Belvidere Mountain - Abandoned mountain in Vermont
    Belvidere Mountain – Abandoned mountain in Vermont

    A story about Belvidere Mountain says that every day around 3500 tons of ore was extracted and used to make pipe linings, brake linings, roofs, and more. In 1993, when it was found that asbestos was bad for your health, the mine had to close. Until now, dangerous waste affects the ecosystem through leakages into the rivers, air, and land. It is estimated that cleaning up the site will cost around $200 million.

    Address: Vag Rd, Lowell, VT 05847

    How long is the Belvidere Mountain hike?

    Belvedere Mountain hike is 5.8 miles long trail situated near Belvidere center.

    How long does it take to hike the Mountain trail?

    It typically takes 4 hours to complete hiking the Belvidere trail.

    5. East Barnet Inwood Train Station – Abandoned mountain in Vermont

    The East Barnet Inwood Train Station is near St. Johnsbury, Vermont. You can get there by taking US Route 5. When new train tracks were built a few hundred feet away, the old train station was closed and left empty.

    East Barnet Inwood Train Station - Abandoned mountain in Vermont
    East Barnet Inwood Train Station – Abandoned mountain in Vermont

    Even though the station is empty now, many of its original parts are still there, such as boxcars, locomotives, and rails. It’s a real ghost town in Vermont that you have to see.

    Address: US-5, St Johnsbury, VT 05819

    How much does it cost to drive from East Barnet Inwood Station to Barnet?

    The fuel cost to cover a drive from East Barnet Inwood station to Barnet charges about $3.

    How long is a car ride from East Barnet Inwood Station to Barnet?

    The distance covered by car from East Barnet Inwood station to Barnet covers a distance of nearly 3 miles and takes about 15 minutes.

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    Abandoned Places in Vermont FAQs

    Why do places just get abandoned in Vermont?

    There are many best places to live in Vermont. However, some of them get abandoned as they might be a danger to health and well-being due to unavoidable events witnessed in the area. The property must be kept vacant for a time being until any step is taken by the government.

    Is there an app to find abandoned places in Vermont?

    The Abandoned World app allows spotting the exact locations of abandoned places in Vermont. The application is easy to install and use. It can be downloaded from https://play.google.com.


    This is the end of our list of abandoned places in Vermont. Not only these 5 but there are also plenty of such places all around the state that grab the attention of Vermonters as well as visitors from across the globe. Our list is not that haunted and creepy, anyone can visit these spots. Just be safe, and cautious, have a group visit, carry safety things, and remain strong.

    Vermont is a nice place to live in the US. It has affordable housing, a first-class education system, an affordable cost of living, the best health care quality, thriving job opportunities, and a pleasing environment which makes it rank the best in the state rankings. Winter is the best time to visit Vermont as a visitor. But if you are permanently making a move to Vermont, make sure not to live near an abandoned place. The thoughts might make your life miserable and horrible.

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